Prepaid Funeral Plans (Golden Charter)

Prepaid funeral plans provide you with the freedom to pay for and arrange the details of your own funeral before you pass away. Here at Adams Read & Hocking, our prepaid funeral plans are offered through our chosen trusted provider, Golden Charter.

What are the benefits of having a pre-paid funeral plan?

Peace of mind

We find that one of the most common reasons for individuals wanting to take out a pre-paid funeral plan for themselves, or someone else, is that they wish to relieve their family and friends of the emotional and financial burden of planning a funeral.  Having a pre-paid funeral plan can give your loved one’s peace of mind that the funeral has been planned, exactly as you wanted it to be.

Have your say

From the personalisation of the music and readings to the choice of coffin and funeral transportation – a prepaid funeral plan enables you to plan your own funeral, exactly as you want it to be.  Not only will your wishes be heard, but they will be put into action, allowing you to be remembered the way you want to be.  When the time comes, your loved ones will simply need to give us a call and quote your funeral plan number.  We will take care of arranging your wishes from here.


If you would like more information about Golden Charter prepaid funeral plans, please don’t hesitate to give us a call.