Coffins, Caskets & Urns

Choosing a coffin, casket or urn for a loved one, or for yourself, is a very special and personal decision. It can also be a very difficult and painful step at such a sensitive time. If you would like help with choosing a coffin, we are happy to guide and advise you on all aspects of the decision process. Your budget and taste will be taken into consideration and we’ll aim to work with you to find an option that is completely suitable and fitting.

Whether you’d like a traditional coffin or a more contemporary one, the team at Adams Read and Hocking will do our best to accommodate all the preferences you may have. But first, here are some questions you might want to consider when choosing a coffin, casket or urn.

Can I personalise a coffin?

Yes.  These days it’s possible to design and create a personalised coffin – from a pictorial coffin featuring a favourite photo to a colourful coffin depicting your loved ones lifestyle or hobby. We can also arrange for special phrases to be added to a bespoke design as a tribute to your loved one.

If you would like to give your loved one a very individual farewell, personalising a coffin could be one way of doing this.

Do you provide eco-freindly coffins?

We can offer a range of eco-friendly coffins including those made from cardboard, willow, bamboo and wicker. Eco-friendly coffins could even be personalised with engraved wooden plaques with a personal message for your loved one.


There is a huge variety of urns to choose from.  Your decision will be influenced by whether you plan to scatter the ashes, have them interred or keep them at home.  We stock and can source a variety of scatter tubes, caskets, keepsakes and urns.